Adam Hibberd

Adam was educated at a state school in Coventry, a city in the West Midlands of the UK and attended the University of Keele, gaining a joint honours degree in physics and maths. He worked in the ‘90s as a software engineer on the on-board flight program for the European Ariane 4 launch vehicle; including the production, maintenance, real-time testing and post-flight analysis, his expertise being the guidance algorithm.  He is also a pianist and composer and, as a member of musical trio ‘Superheroes Dream’, produced a vinyl under the Coventry Tin Angel Record Label. He developed his Optimum Interplanetary Trajectory Software, ‘OITS’ in 2017 as a personal challenge to learn the MATLAB programming environment and language. He then used it to investigate missions to interstellar objects (the work being published in Acta Astronautica) and now is a research volunteer for the ‘Initiative for Interstellar Studies’.

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